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GC.SKINS is a mobile app for iOS and Android where users can get free CS:GO items (skins). In order to get them, users just need to complete tasks such as: download an app, level up in the game "Raid: Shadow Legends", complete a survey, and other interesting tasks. "GC.SKINS" app is completely safe to use. Users do not need anything other than a Google account in order to use the app.
Android + IOS
Downloads app
1.5 M+
Over 800,000 tasks completed
800 000
Over 500,000 skins withdrawn.
500 000
September 11, 2022 Google Play
Cristian Jensen
Normally apps that require completing offers are scams, but this one's legit! I was able to claim my rewards and get skins worth real money. Definitely a 5 star.

Normally apps
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June 27, 2022 Google Play
Overall it is a decent app, however I am disappointed that there is a limit to watching ads per day. I think it would be better and more profitable to allow people to watch as many ads as they want. That would add more options for users and earn more revenue for the app too. Withdrawal is really simple. U just provide your steam trade link, and then you get the skin traded to you. 10/10 would recommend this app.
October 30, 2022 Google Play
It was amazing seeing how these guys improve themselves over the years. I remember when the app first came out they used to answer questions only using e-mail, there was no market, the cases weren't such various, the support could barely speak english... Now they are the lead of this sector and it seems like they will always be. With gc.skins, I have made over $1,000 in skins.
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